JP Collective

J U S T P R O C E S S consists of a team of talented songwriters and singers that band together to compose modern productions.



Kofa is a Director and Los Angeles based DP I collaborate with frequently. He recently published his first novel "June Gemini", a Sci-Fi story about a young man that gains supernatural abilities during a global crisis.


Stephen Rutterford

is a Director, and Advertising maven from Manhattan. He has directed a phenomenal video for our artist Joannie, forthcoming.


Kkose/Kara Koser

Kara is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter & performer. She has helped me write countless songs and appears on  many of my tracks. In addition to working with me check out here band ReddPanda. 

Worldtown/Ben Arsenal

Ben Arsenal makes deep tech house productions solo, and with Worldtown has a 10 piece band that combines world music and house for an electrifying dancefloor party.


Caity Hoffert

Caitlin Hoffert is a vocalist available for performance in the styles of jazz, R&B, pop/rock, and classical in the Philadelphia area. Her auxiliary instruments include piano, guitar, and ukulele.


Ray Vidot/Vidot Creative

Ray is an incredible artist, creative, and colleague of mine that does much of the visual design for the work that the JP collective does. Check out his shop here and support him!!


Allaway/Ian Miller

Ian is a virtuoso producer with incredible talent and precision in his production and songwriting. He is releasing music with the collective for now while he works on his solo debut.